Quality is in the core of all we do.

For us, quality means the strive for perfection from start to finish. From the design and choice of materials, through our approach to manufacturing and inspection, to the entire logistics operation of managing orders, materials, people and parts towards the final test - what we learn from our mistakes.

In any corporation mistakes are made. That is inevitable. At STARCO we embrace this challenge by taking an active approach to handling quality in 4 important steps.

  • Quality in design and production

    From the conception of an idea, through the design phase to the prototyping and final production, quality is a central part of the process.

  • Quality in logistics

    From production plant, to assembly and distribution center and finally to the customer. Moving and handling the product is subject to a comprehensive quality assurance sytem.

  • Claim management

    When the errors occur - and from time to time they do - STARCO provides a second to none claim management system to ensure that all relevant information is registered. A quality control team is assigned to handle each and every claim. All claims related to product quality are run by our Chief Engineer.

  • What we learn

    If we never make mistakes we never learn. But STARCO makes sure to learn from our mistakes so that we do not make the same mistake more than once - at least that is our intention. We do this by rigorously registering all claims. During our weekly MDW meetings held in every department at all levels in the organization, we ensure that the knowledge of all the sharp minds in our company is used for improvement.

We are proud of our products – many of which are unique in the market. But the real value that we add to a wheel or a tyre lies in the quality of service, availability and knowledge that we continually strive to maintain throughout the STARCO organization and make available to our customers.