Engineering is in our blood

Whilst maintaining a comprehensive catalogue of products from other manufacturers, we continue to develop our own products under the STARCO brand, focussing particularly on wheel and tyres we can manufacture to higher quality standards using our own designs and manufacturing facilities.

Our position as market leader in special wheels has been won by our ability to understand the needs of our customers and to meet these needs with better products. 

In response to customer requirements and market opportunities, STARCO engineers maintain a continual design and development effort to produce new wheels and tyres under the STARCO brand. 

We know our customers and understand their applications. From our comprehensive knowledge of the products already available on the market, we identify those applications for which a better wheel solution is possible. 

Development efforts may be driven by the need for new configurations – new wheel sizes and offsets or tyres with special performance and endurance characteristics. Our development programme is also driven by the pursuit of quality and value – resulting in products that are more durable or hard-wearing, or which can better withstand the application environment in which they will be used. 

Design and development also addresses logistics issues – resulting in products that can be manufactured to high quality standards in the required volume and be delivered just-in-time to our customers worldwide. 

STARCO manufacturing facilities, covering steel and plastic wheels, pneumatic and puncture-free tyres and special wheel solutions for agriculture and industry, enable us to offer better products to our customers, because we can control the entire manufacturing and logistics chain.