Product range

The STARCO product catalogue comprises the world’s most comprehensive range of special wheels and tyres and has for several decades been the de facto reference book for both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket distributors worldwide.

Since 2012 the STARCO catalogue has been available on-line as the core of the STARCO web shop, giving customers worldwide access to the entire product range.

Despite the size of our product range, STARCO engineers and sales staff pride themselves in having access to the exact technical data of every product that we carry – including data about dimensions, tyre and wheel compatibility, loading and performance characteristics and the specific certification that may apply to each product.

Whilst STARCO is a major supplier of individual or multiple wheel, tyres and related components such as axles, tubes, flaps and valves, to both OEM and aftermarket customers, the company also offers the ultimate service of supplying complete wheel assemblies, configured, inflated and tested according to customer specifications, from the distribution centres of our regional trading divisions worldwide.

For the customer who can select and specify the exact product required, the STARCO catalogue is an unparalleled resource. For the customer with special design and engineering requirements, the STARCO engineering team are available to select the best product from our existing range or to design and deliver a custom solution that meets the exact requirements of the application.

With our manufacturing division and in-house tyre and wheel design capabilities, the STARCO product range is virtually limitless.

A tyre for every load

A tyre must more than fit the wheel – it must fit the load, the application and the terrain on which it will work.

Wheels - Quality in motion

STARCO experience in wheel-manufacturing is unparalleled. We are one of the world’s largest full-range wheel manufacturers, offering small and large wheels – and everything in between, for high-speed, off-road or indoor applications. Steel and plastic wheels for industry and agriculture. With a range of unique innovations that give STARCO wheels the leading edge - worldwide.

Special Wheels for special needs

For STARCO, special wheels are quite ordinary – because all our wheels are special wheels. If it is available, we will supply it – if it isn’t, we will make it!

Assembly - The logical solution

STARCO assembles wheels and tyres – in the right place, at the right time!

iB400 - Wheel assembly
Axles - Ready to go!

Ensuring the optimal mechanical interface and loading characteristics to match the wheel and tyre combination is a task that is often easier to solve in co-operation with the wheel manufacturer.


Tubes Flaps & Valves
With over 50 years experience and understanding of our market segments, STARCO has compiled the most comprehensive range of quality tubes, flaps and valves available for any application. Low or high speed. Easy repair.