Industries we serve

Every application places its own particular demands on the design, construction and implementation of a wheel and tyre solution.

As a manufacturer and distributor of special wheels and tyres, STARCO has long recognized that that which makes a special wheel or tyre “special” is the application and the customer.

Whilst the STARCO product range covers almost any application, the company has for many years focussed on several application segments, ensuring that our product range, design and engineering expertise and customer support services are tailored to meet the requirements of each segment.

For the agricultural, forestry and industrial segments, STARCO has developed ranges of wheels and tyres that have revolutionized efficiency, performance and safety, often becoming the preferred choice of leading original equipment manufacturers.

For manufacturers and stockists of material handling equipment, STARCO offers a wide range of pneumatic and puncture-free solutions.

For trailer and caravan and ground-care applications, STARCO offers design and manufacturing expertise together with the delivery of both separate components or complete wheel assemblies, delivered “just-in-time” with a quality-assurance and logistics service that is second to none.

Wheels & Tyres for agricultural applications

With a product range designed and engineered specifically for the stringent demands of the farmer, STARCO is the preferred supplier to both OEM and aftermarket customers.

The best wheels in the forest

With our range of special wheels and tyres for the forestry industry, STARCO addresses the specific requirements of forestry vehicles and implements, offering excellent traction and stability even in the most challenging terrain and harshest environment.

Wheels and tyres for industrial applications

Wheels and tyres for industry must meet the demands of many applications, in many differing environments and terrain conditions. Industrial machinery is subject to heavy loads and heavy maneuvering – often both on and off-road.

Material handling - A wheel for every purpose

Since the invention of the wheelbarrow and the hand cart, there has been no limit to man’s ingenuity in developing wheeled solutions for the easy transport of materials and small appliances. STARCO offers the widest range of wheels and tyres for material handling applications – for both OEM and aftermarket customers.

Special wheels for turf & ground care

Customers in the highly competitive turf & ground care sector demand an efficient and economic wheel solution. STARCO can meet these demands, offering a range of steel and plastic wheels with pneumatic tyres to suit driven and steered axles on a wide range of low-speed machinery.

Wheel solutions for trailers & caravans

Whether its for the lightweight trailer for passenger cars or a heavy duty equipment-transporter for contractors’ vehicles STARCO has the optimal wheel solution.

For the fun of it!

The rapidly growing leisure & fun market has fostered the introduction of many off-road lightweight vehicles and appliances – all of which need a reliable solution.