It's in our DNA

Any living organism is made up of a set of rules that regulates behaviour. STARCO is the sum of the people within the company. Therefore we think of our selves as a living organism - governed by our vision, mission and our values - our DNA.

Our vision is : "To become the global market leader in special wheels"

With our five manufacturing units, our STARCO brand, and our established position in Europe we are well on the way to implementing a global strategy.

Our mission is :"To create value and become the natural choice"

For STARCO, creating value implies that we will achieve our market position by understanding the market, by providing innovative, better-performing products, by assembling wheels and by improving logistics throughout our company, thus maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers.

To become the global market leader in special wheels.

We understand our company vision of where we want to go and what we want to be. We embrace and support this vision as the first and foremost of our corporate values.ExpandCollapse

Our will to make it happen.

STARCO empowers its employees to take responsibility, show initiative, and face the challenges involved in working together to succeed.ExpandCollapse

We recognize, that everything we do can always be done a little better.

STARCO fosters and maintains a corporate culture in which the improvement of our products and our service is expected, encouraged and rewarded.


Our understanding of our products and processes, our organization and our customers, and our business environment.

Through the pursuit and application of knowledge, we strive to be recognized as the best in the business.ExpandCollapse

The way we individually identify with our product, our company and our customers.

Passion is our inner force – driven by our fascination for our products and processes and our commitment to applying these in the pursuit of better solutions for our customers – to be passionate about wheels and tyres is to strive for excellence and to have pride in our work.ExpandCollapse

Integrity is about more than our moral, ethical and honest approach to our work – it also implies the integration of all our other values - vision, motivation, improvement, knowledge and passion - in the way we work with each other and our customers.

Our values are more than a mantra, they are an integrated and natural part of the way we approach our work and our relationships with each other and our customers.ExpandCollapse