Global opportunities in STARCONIA

STARCONIA is our world. With over 700 employees in more than 25 business entities in over 20 countries, STARCO is a multinational business with its own international identity and culture giving us the possibility of offering our employees a wide range of opportunities.

We strive to recruite employees with the best professional and personal qualifications for the job, often from within our organization because we encourage experienced employees to develop their skills and interests in other roles within the company.

We offer worldwide opportunities, in our sales and distribution entities, our manufacturing facilities or our head office.

With the growth of our in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics operations, we seek to continually enhance the skills and experience of our employees – training them for the company we will be tomorrow, rather than the company we were yesterday.

As a worldwide trading company, we seek to employ the best sales people in the business, equipping them for the job not only with the best products, but also with an organization the knowledge and service of which they can be proud. Our sales people must always have up-to-date knowledge about our products, our customers and their applications.

Through the STARCO University we offer regular training – either through our Mini Business Units or at regional or group wide level where we organize training courses such as Wheel Maestro and speciality courses. Many of our logistics and administrative employees receive further training on our Navision ERP system and our online platform.

We recognize our responsibility to the society of which we are a part. In the development of new talent we encourage children of Starconians to take the opportunity of internal training posts for up to 6 months, as international work experience of different working environments, different trades and crafts and different cultures.

At many of our regional entities we encourage students from local business schools to visit our company and experience our working environment, equipping them for a working life and helping them to prepare for a trip abroad, where they also have the possibility of visiting our entities and factories around the world.

STARCONIA is thus an international community in which we foster understanding, cooperation and social responsibility for the next generation.