Honda Sweden selects STARCO Big Foot solution for ATV

17-07-2014 - STARCO Sweden

For most ATV users, the stock wheels and tyres that are supplied with a new ATV are adequate for their needs, especially for normal road and light off-road applications. With the growing popularity of All-Terrain Vehicles amongst professional users, in applications such as agriculture, forestry, rural tourism and hunting, there is also a growing interest for wheel and tyre solutions that can enhance the performance and endurance of the ATV.

Many aftermarket suppliers can deliver bigger and better wheels than the stock OEM configuration. However, it is difficult for the end user to select a complete kit of wheels and tyres that is tested to be both safe and compatible with any given ATV. Replacing the OEM wheels and tyres can alter the stability and performance; also to the detriment of safety and economy, and worst case, such home-brewed modifications can render the manufacturers warranty invalid.

STARCO has many years experience of the ATV market, first as an aftermarket supplier of wheel assemblies and dual wheel kits. The company has developed an understanding of ATV applications, and STARCO engineers have worked closely with many leading ATV manufacturers and distributors.

The latest evolution for the ATV market from STARCO is the Honda wheel kit – a fully compliant kit comprising four wheels and tyres selected and tested specially for Honda in Sweden.

In compiling the Big Foot kit, STARCO combined a rugged steel-wheel, designed by STARCO and manufactured at the company’s renowned steel-wheel manufacturing facility in Beli Manastir, Croatia, with the dependable Bear Claw tyre from Kenda.

The steel rim is designed for greater strength and endurance compared to stock steel rim., with a thicker mounting flange, a reinforced design, valve-protection and of course, the ubiquitous STARCO e-coat finish that ensures a great corrosion-free look, even after years of wear and tear in harsh terrain conditions. The new steel wheel for Honda is designed for 10” wide front tyres and 12” wide rear tyres up to 27” in diameter. Stock wheel-assemblies are typically only 8” wide and 25” diameter. Other dimensions are available via the STARCO online shop, including alloy wheels.

The Bear Claw tyre from Kenda lives up to its name, giving excellent traction and grip in even the most arduous terrain. The increased diameter of 27” allows the Honda engine to transmit greater power and purchase, even under heavy loading, without compromising stability, steering capability and safety.

Like the Honda wheel kit, similar wheel kits are available globally under the STARCO Big Foot wheel kit system for other ATV brands.

Once a leisure spin-off from the motorcycle market for use in rural areas, the ATV has long-since proven its worth as a valuable workhorse for demanding users in many working environments. The Big Foot kit from STARCO enables the professional user to leverage the maximum performance, rugged endurance and value from an investment in a quality ATV.